Who We Are

Becca is a former history student and current museum researcher living in the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. She is a sucker for good historical novels, bad period films, and melodramatic revolutions (American, French, Industrial, or otherwise). For her seventh birthday she demanded her friends put on a play based on the historical American Girl children’s novels. Naturally, she was the star. This says more about her than she would like to admit. These days you can find her blogging about issues in museums and historic sites at Adventures in History.

Deense was once a linguistics student who currently works in a job that pays the bills but is completely outside of her field.  She grew up in Canada, but lives in Australia now, with a bit of time in England in the middle.  She’s a historical re-creationist and falls for nearly everything the BBC puts out.  A fan of travel, she’ll never save any money, because there’s always somewhere else to go.

Lina is a former history, english & anthropology student who is currently trying to save money to go to graduate school in Cultural History (and answer the proverbial question “what are you going to do with that?”). She lives in Chicago, where she works as a minor grunt for a variety of NPOs and perfects the art of pastry baking. Having been enthralled with history since she was a child (she spent a summer telling everyone she was a Voyageur named Mathilde) and likes to refer to A&E as the “Adolf & Eva” channel. She can also be found at Insert Pop Culture Reference where she mostly just yells about over the top things.